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SMBs Beware: Beef up the Defense against Security Breaches

SMBs Beware: Beef up the Defense against Security Breaches

Security Breaches

When the United States government is the victim of a cyberattack, millions of people can be affected. The same is true for the large business that have been the victims of cyberattacks. These stories make the headlines and create a buzz about the importance of keeping data that is stored on computers safe. The government or business will talk about who was affected and what they are doing to help those that have had their information compromised. They will talk about how they will continue to work to improve their security in the future. They will also invest the money needed to take care of anyone that has been damaged and to upgrade their security systems.

It is great that the governments and big businesses have the resource to react this way. It is vital that they keep private information they have stored safe and secure.  But these are not the only businesses that are at risk. Small to medium sized businesses are also collecting and storing private information. If their systems are the target of a cyberattack, the results can be problematic for many people. A SMB may not think they have the resources that the big business has to protect their information, but that does not remove the responsibility that they have to do this. It is up to every business that collects private information about people to take all the steps they can to make sure that it is safe. That means learning the best and most cost effective ways to secure business data. There are two basic areas that a business needs to work on to protect themselves from a cyberattack. Those two areas are people and technology.


Many of the cyberattacks against businesses are the results of an employee of the business opening the door in some way. They may download a virus through an email or when they are surfing the internet. They may not use a secure password for access to their computer or they may not change it frequently. There are many ways that a cyberattack can happen as the result of an employee making a mistake.

The SMB needs to invest in the training of their employees when it comes to security. They need to make everyone aware of and committed to following the security procedures of the business when it comes to private information. The training is something that should be ongoing. It needs to be for both new employees of a business and for established employees. The constant reinforcement is a good way to help people to remember the importance of security and can help prevent many of the cyberattacks.


If the door to a cyberattack is closed through vigilant employees, there is still the possibility of an attack through the vulnerability of the technology that a business uses. No matter how good the employees are, if they do not have the right tools to protect the information, they could be victimized. There are many different technologies that SMBs should have in place.

  • Antivirus Software - Antiviruses like Immunet and AVG should always be in place. Many cyberattacks are the result of viruses that infect the computer systems. With this type of software in place, the chance of a virus is diminished. The software not only needs to be in place, it should always be on and up to date. That will give a business the protection they need at all times.
    Watch out for Laptops and Mobile Devices - SMBs may rely on these technologies to compete, but they are also the most vulnerable. They can be lost or stolen or simply fall into the right hands. All information on these devices should use encryption software to protect it.
    Monitoring Software - A SMB should be able to monitor how their employees are using the technology and to make sure that employees are using the proper security methods that are in place. It is the responsibility of the business to make sure that the employees are always doing the right thing and monitoring software is one way to accomplish that.
    Secure Backup - despite the best efforts of a SMB, a cyberattack can still occur. If the attack manages to wipe out information a SMB that has a secure backup can retrieve whatever was lost.

Cybercriminals are no different than any other criminal. They are looking for the easiest targets that they can find. If a SMB puts up a good defense, the cyber attackers will go out looking for a business that is not being vigilant. The best way to prevent a cyberattack is not to become a target and taking a few steps is something that every business could and should do.


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